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Stoke St Gregory
Meare Green Court
Stoke St Gregory

Run and owned by the Coate family who has been growing willow on the Somerset Levels since 1819, visitors are invited to learn about the history and art of willow growing and basket making.

The centre has a wonderful selection of basket ware to buy in The Shop & Furniture Gallery that has been handcrafted from Coate’s own willow by their team of skilled basket makers.

There is a Courtyard Tea Room with a rushing water feature and landscaped courtyard where you can enjoy tea and a homemade cake after your stroll around.

The centre also has: A Video Room where you can watch a short video depicting the way we are keeping the best of this most traditional of industries, whilst also looking towards the future. The Basket Museum has displays of both familiar and unusual willow artifacts.

The Levels and Moors Exhibition highlights the history of the countryside and this traditional English industry.

An Environmental Interpretation display that tells the story of the way water shaped the Somerset Levels and continues to play a major part in life here today.

Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm.