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Tel: 0117 42 82041
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University of Bristol Botanic Garden
The Holmes
Stoke Park Road

Tel: 0117 42 82041

Find us _on FacebookPlants are amazing! They clothe us, feed us, cure us and keep us warm and sheltered. They are beautiful and terrifying, grow in deserts and tundra, land and lakes and have been on the earth for many millions of years before us. The University of Bristol Botanic Garden is one of the country’s newest Botanic Gardens; we opened our gates in 2005 to reveal a unique display of plants that enchants everyone, from a child to the most learned Botanist.

Follow us _on TwitterThe Garden is arranged in displays that tell the stories of plants, such as the Evolution Dell showcasing prehistoric plants and their journey from water onto land; the Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden displaying the traditional uses of plants that span 3,000 years; three glasshouse climatic zones including the Tropical Zone which grows plants from warmer regions that have become important on a global scale such as cotton, sugar, chocolate and bananas; this zone also displays the enormous Amazon waterlily and stunning sacred lotus plants. In the Warm Temperate Zone you can see carnivorous plants, cacti, succulents and the diverse flora of South Africa while the Sub-Tropical Zone takes you into a rainforest.
University of Bristol Botanic Garden 
Follow us _on InstagramAlso in the Garden, the New Zealand display featuring plants which have adapted to avoid being eaten by a giant bird; Mediterranean Climate Displays from Europe, South Africa and Australia; Local Flora display including a beautiful summer meadow; Pollination display showing an array of flowers pollinated by bees, flies, bats, butterflies and birds in the wild; Evolution of Flowering Plants display telling the story of the evolution of flowers; and Native American vegetable display showcasing the many plants that came from this region of the world and the methods used to grow them.

Like with all Gardens good cake is important, and you can have a sit down and enjoy the ambience on the West Terrace at the Chandos Deli refreshments.

Whether you are new to plants, waiting to discover them, or are a plant enthusiast, you will find something to enjoy at the University of Bristol Botanic Garden. So, come along and lose yourself in the world of plants!
University of Bristol Botanic Garden 
Opening times
The Garden is open Monday to Friday and closed at weekends during December and January.

From February until the end of November the Garden is open for seven days a week including bank holidays
Opening Hours are 10am to 4:30pm.

Chandos Deli is open from 11-4pm during peak season (please check website for details).
The Garden is largely accessible for wheelchairs and mobility scooters with a designated path leading around the Garden and glasshouses. Disabled toilet facilities are available on site.
University of Bristol Botanic Garden