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Tel: 0117 922 3571
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Tel: 0117 922 3571
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 
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Free entry! Explore our collections of art, nature and history on display in this beautiful building. Find out about the last billion years of Earth’s history, explore the region’s natural wonders and discover more about peoples’ lives, past and present.

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Come in through the main entrance of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery and find yourself in the Front Hall – look up to admire the amazing building and see the Bristol Boxkite flying above your head.
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 

There’s lots to see and do on the Ground Floor, including:

South West Wildlife – explore the wetland wonders of our region
Egypt – step back in time to ancient Egypt
Assyria – study the ancient civilisation of the Middle East
Curiosity – Archaeology and objects from around the world plus an under fives’ discovery area. The under fives’ area closes 30 minutes before the rest of the museum (4:30pm).
Exhibition Gallery – where lots of our changing exhibitions are held. See what exhibitions are on
The Café and Shop
Toilets, stairs and a lift to the First and Second floors
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 

First Floor

Explore the natural world from dinosaurs to rocks to birds. The First Floor is home to our famous Alfred the Gorilla and the beautiful Gypsy Caravan – you’ll also get a great view of the Bristol Boxkite from the balcony.
On the First Floor you’ll find:

Dinosaurs – meet the Bristol dinosaur and some of his friends, including the best-preserved dinosaurs ever found in Britain: the scelidosaurs
Wildlife – discover the animal kingdom and see rare, endangered and extinct wildlife from the UK and around the globe, including the extinct tasmanian tiger (Thylacine)
Geology – take a journey through the last billion years of the history of the planet. Amazing fossils allow you to see traces of creatures from the past
Minerals – a sparkling world of minerals, gemstones and crystals including Bristol Diamonds
Balcony gallery – keep an eye on what’s on to see what exhibitions are showing
Maps and prints which show how Bristol has changed over the centuries on the balcony
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 

Second Floor

There’s so much to explore on the Second Floor of Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. From stunning paintings to one of the best collections of Chinese glass outside of Asia, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

On the Second Floor there is:
French Art
Paintings by French artists, including work by Lucien Pissarro

European Old Masters
Old Master Italian and Dutch paintings – prestigious works by Lucas Cranach, Giovanni Bellini, Jacob van Ruisdael and others. Bring your own device and during your visit you can access further label information here. You can now see a very special loan from The Bowes Museum: St Luke drawing the Virgin and Child, a 15th century masterpiece from the workshop of the Flemish painter Dieric Bouts.

British and European Art (The Age of Enlightenment and the Birth of Romanticism)
Paintings from the 18th and early 19th century, featuring work from Philip James de Loutherbourg, Thomas Gainsborough and John Constable
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 
Modern and contemporary art (Space is a place)
Including Modernist work by Victor Pasmore, abstract painting by Peter Lanyon, Roger Hilton, Howard Hodgkin and Tala Madani, Land art, photography and video
Victorian Art (Places of Desire)
Featuring highlights from our collections of Victorian and Edwardian eras from the 1840s to the 1920s
Eastern Art

A stunning array of ceramics, carvings and glass from China and Japan
Pottery, ceramics and glass

Exquisite craftsmanship and design. British and European collections are displayed alongside locally made wares, including Bristol Delftware and Bristol Blue Glass
A glittering display against a backdrop of paintings by the Bristol School of Artists

Opening times for 2019

1 January 2019 — 31 December 2019

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am–5pm
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery 


Buy some of the best products that represent Bristol and our collections. We stock over 1000 products from Banksy books, prints by local artists, Bristol Blue Glass, books about Bristol and plenty of kids toys! You’ll also find lots of goodies inspired by our exhibitions.


Enjoy fresh, homemade, Fairtrade and organic food in the cafe, or soak up the atmosphere in the Wills Hall (rear hall).

Tuck into one of our daily specials or choose from a selection of gorgeous salads. Soup and a selection of freshly made sandwiches are available for a lighter option. All our meals are prepared on the premises using fresh, carefully sourced ingredients.
Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery