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Tel: 07917 787041
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1 Berkley Square

Tel: 07917 787041
Wessex school of Needlework 
Follow us _on FacebookAre you a keen sewer who wants to improve your skills? Or maybe you want to study for a skills based qualification that could lead to a BA or Masters in Fashion or Textiles?

The Wessex School of Needlework school, located in stunning studio space within Berkley Square offers skills based BTEC qualifications, GCSE and A level booster courses, lectures and other longer-term courses to a wide age group of learners . It is headed up by couture embroider Chloe Savage, who has worked with some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses.

The school aims to help people to develop the practical skills that are needed for many roles in UK Fashion industry, which is valued at over £66bn and represents 7% of GDP with respectively 39,000 jobs in the manufacture of wearing apparel and the manufacturing of footwear.
Wessex School of Needlework 

There’s a real need for practical skills in a large number of these roles or for any role involved in the design side of fashion and the courses offered by Wessex School of Needlework provide access to the right ones. Our skills based learning not only provides support for qualifications through GSCE and A Level Booster classes but also a Level 3 BTEC that is a natural route in to a BA or Masters in Fashion or textiles.

We are passionate about helping people to gain great experience whilst studying for qualifications but also helping the hobby sewer to upskill so that they can create more complex pieces with newly learned techniques. We focus on heritage skills in our classes and courses to prevent certain fashion and textile based skills dying out.

We will offer BTEC in Textiles - skills based learning leading to a recognised accreditation which provides access to continued studies at university or a route to enter the work force / start a business.
Wessex School of Needlework 

GCSE and A level booster courses in textiles - helping student to reach the higher grades through further skills development, experimentation and more detailed work on their portfolios.
Textile tasters - sessions to help a child decide if they want to choose textiles at a level, GCSE or BTEC level
Teens dressmaking - sessions allowing the student to study the basics involved in dressmaking and develop their skills further.
Teens hand embroidery – beginners and developer’s courses in a range of techniques allowing students to gain skills knowledge in the art of hand embroidery and embellishment.
Teens fabric manipulation – classes covering technical skills and creative uses in hand patchwork, machine patchwork, smocking and Canadian smocking.
Adult classes in various hand and machine embroidery techniques, providing them with technical and creative skills, for either hobby purposes or potentially recognised NVQ qualifications

The school also offers summer classes for tweens and teens as an option for non-sporty, more creative children to provide a route for parents wishing to support their children to be away from screens during the extended summer break. This is a true need - During the summer our teens will spend up to nine hours a day on their screens, Girls will spend 47% of this on social media and Boys 41% on online games with chat rooms. (PEW research centre). These extended periods of screen time have been shown to lead to sleep deprivation, low self-esteem, body dysmorphia, depression and even suicidal thoughts. Recent studies show that nearly half of children spending 5 or more hours a day on screens have contemplated suicide compared to only 5% of those who spend less than 5 hours a day. (Jean Twenge Demographer & Psychologist)
Wessex School of Needlework