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Your Local Guide

It usually starts with the same question - "Do you think we need more space honey?"

Seems innocent enough, and like fools we fall for it every time. We start to think of upgrading from a 32 to a 60 inch screen, an extra shelf on the fridge for the beer, a little room of our own for some light reading, the odd cigar and a wee small glass or two before we retire to the water bed.

They start thinking of a new kitchen, new dishwasher, new washing machine, the addition of yet more cushions, new wallpaper, fresh paint, more plants for the botanical garden that used to be the games room, and of course, the new wardrobe to house the new pair of shoes, now that the old one is filled with the other 643 pairs she still hasn’t worn. God bless the fairer sex!

Still, even I can see that occasionally the old place could do with some tender love and care. With that in mind, we have provided a list of services that are essential for the interior designer in all of us. And, just in case the old DIY skills ain’t what they used to be, we even have some repair services that you can call in case of emergency…

…or in case the light bulb doesn’t come with full instructions!

With the above in mind we have compiled a list of service professionals from small builders to TV aerial installation service providers and if you need some help to unblock a drain or repair damage to your roof then look no further.

If help is needed in the home then we have even listed almost everything you could possible want in this section from home cleaning services to carpet cleaning.

On the right hand side you will see a listing of the many services that can be found in the area, if there is a service you are look for and its not listed then please let us know and we will do our best to answer your query and source a supplier that can offer you the service that your after.