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Tel: 0117 924 0003
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137 Gloucester Road

Tel: 0117 924 0003

Find us _on FacebookBristanbul has been established since 8th April 2011 as a Turkish patisserie/Bakery, we bake goods of the highest and freshest quality with our bakers being experienced for many years.

Wedding and celebration cakes are what our reputation is built upon. Bread, pastries and cookies & baklava are baked daily on our premises to guarantee fresh goods all the time. All our products are mostly vegetarian and some meat (halal).

There are variety of things to choose from both sweet and savoury. From traditional Baklava to cream cakes large and individual to Turkish savoury specialties like Lahmacun, Turkish Pizza. Thin dough topped with mince lamb, garlic, parsley, red & green pepper and tomato.

Please note: Lahmacun (Turkish pizza) is only available on Fridays and Saturdays at 12pm. Please call us to reserve by 10am before they are all gone when you arrive after 12pm.

Opening Hours

9am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday
10am to 5pm Sunday
10am to 6pm Monday*
*Please note: We will be closed on Mondays from the 17th July - 11th September (Other days are not affected and will open as normal).

Wedding & Birthday cakes

We have a wide range of cakes we make to order.
We use only finest, freshest and richest ingredients in our cakes.
Please choose colours, shape and size for your cake.

Inside Options: fruit cocktail, cherry jam or strawberry jam.

Please note: We are sorry but we can no longer can supply eggless sponge cakes due to problems with suppliers.

You can order your cakes for collection on a Sunday, as we do not open Mondays.