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Follow us _on FacebookIt’s a common story. You meet someone while you are online dating and they seem like the perfect match for you. You’ve got loads in common and you’ve been talking for weeks. Now its time to meet up. You’re nervous, excited, and then... total disappointment. The person you invested all that time in turns out to be nothing like they described - they don’t even look like their picture that was probably taken about ten years ago. Worst-case scenario you’ve been catfished. Sound familiar?

Follow us _on TwitterYou try another dating site, then another, but they are all the same. One dating app after another turns out to be a huge disappointment. And now you are facing a family wedding with everyone banging on about the fact that they thought you would be next, six weddings ago! And worse, you have to go without a plus one and you feel like you have a massive light over your head flashing out your single status for everyone to see.

Follow us _on InstagramWell at last, for singles in Bristol there is a real chance to find that meaningful relationship at one of our events.

Come along to one of the events run by Bristol’s Date Lab, a singles events company that will provide you with a chance to meet real people face to face and give you the opportunity to see what they are all about. Our events are designed specifically with single people in mind. In fun and chilled environments it is easier for people to relax and to meet that special someone and, who knows, there might be a spark, or even that elusive chemistry.

We know that you are going to find our unique approach a breath of fresh air; very different to what is already out there.

Our events are specifically designed for single people - we’ve listened to what you want and we are always open to suggestions.

As a vibrant city there are lots of young and not so young people looking to connect. We reflect this exciting mix in the wide range of events we offer. And there is something for everyone, representing differing interests and getting like-minded people together.

No monthly subscriptions! Only pay for the events you attend.

All events have an age range; we want you to feel comfortable so if you’re a 23 year old you will be in the company of other 20-somethings, if that is what you want. Our aim is to make you feel you are in your ‘home from home’ at Bristol’s Date Lab events.

Try our mutual friend and date matching system. On the event night, you’ll receive a dating card. Tick who you’d like to get to know better, and if they agree we’ll give you each other’s contact details.

Before the event we will let you know how many tickets we have sold so you know how many people are attending because we think it is important to be upfront and transparent at all times.

Oh and one other thing, we will give you the best chance to find that special someone. If you come to one of our events and there’s no one there you want to go on a date with or start up a friendship with, we’ll offer you 50% off another event.

So have a look for yourself and see what the Experts in Chemistry here at Bristol’s Date Lab can do for you!

Event Types

Speed Dating
3 minutes to impress. Accept the challenge and come along to our Speed Dating night!

Cocktail Masterclass
Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a mixologist? Then our Cocktail Masterclass held at Alterego is for you. Come along and learn how to make some delicious cocktails in great company.

Crazy Climb Session
For all you adrenaline junkies out there, come and pit your wits against 20 climbing challenges, from spinning holds to awe inspiring jumps, all in the safety of Crazy Climb Bristol.

Intro to Wine Tasting
A chance for beginners and wine connoisseurs alike to share a love of wine in the comfort of Brace and Brown’s trendy bar on Whiteladies Road.

Gin Masterclass
Are you a gin lover but wish you knew more about this sumptuous spirit? A gin tasting is exactly what you need. Learn all about the history and science behind your favourite tipple whilst trying a wide variety of delicious gins and finding out their best accompaniments.

Board Game Extravaganza
Come along to Bristol’s first board game café and evoke childhood memories of old favourites like Monopoly and Game of Life (still available to play!!) and see what the new generation of board games has to offer.

Airhop Session
Channel your inner-child and take on the trampolines at Bristol’s Airhop – the largest trampoline park in the world, all under the watchful eye of your very own Airhop host.

Locked In a Room (Escape Room)
Very few activities will captivate you as much as Locked In a Room does. It’s unique, it’s fantastic fun, it’s challenging, and it’s pure escapism. So, come and pit your wits against other guests to see who can solve the mystery of Professor Samuel Pottenger’s disappearance, against the clock.

Ten Pin Bowling
Test your bowling arm against other singles at Bristol’s Boutique bowling alley. Challenge yourself to be the highest scorer of the night.